Mercedes G270 CDI 2005

This G270 is a real work horse. With more than 400.000km and a lot of offroad experiences the overall condition is not too bad. Nevertheless, for more offroad working miles the outer surface needs a huge refurbishment.

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Repair of rear chassis areas

After dissassembly and cutting major parts of the outer surface, the G270 is partly sand blasted mainly from underneath. Asd usual on G Class the rean cornerns and parts of the chassis show heavy corrosion defekt and need repair or replacement. After that all sand blasted and repaired areas are coated.

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Working on the Rear End

At the rear end the lower struktur and door pilars left and right need repair. The lower strukture is made from OEM parts and the back door is replaced by a used spare part. The resistant spot weld machine is working hard to safely connect material gauges up to 2mm.

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Rocker and A Pilar

Both left and right hand side the Rocker outer panel and the lower portion of the outer surface of the A Pilar are replaced by OEM panels. The connected strucure needs only little repair. The panels are joined by resitant spot welding wherever possible.

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Body side Outer

Bdoyside outer and rear corner ist pre assembled by resitant spot welding. This is the safest way to join the parts building the typical but joint, which is alsways in risk of showing corrosion. Again we used OEM body panels only.

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Repair of Windscreen Structure

To get proper access to the inner part of the windscreen structure the upper part of the dash board needs to me removed. This gives perfect weld access and the dash board covers the weld joint of the inner part after re assembly.

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Final work

Final tasks are tinning of body side joints, sealing mainly in the underbody area as well as fitting and sealing of the both LHS and RHS fenders. After that the G is travelling to the paint shop.